Sex with your next-door neighbour

by Mark
2 years ago

Morning Mark

I had sex with my neighbour who lives down the hall from me, and I have been trying to avoid him ever since. It was a one-night stand a few weeks ago, as I was drunk from being on a night out with friends and felt like I needed some company. I bumped into him as I was going into my flat, and we started flirting with each other, I invited him in for a drink, and things led to us having sex on the sofa. He seems a nice guy but not really my type; the sex was ok and something I needed at the time, but I don't see this happening again, and I would prefer to forget it ever did. What I don't want to keep having to do, is waiting to make sure he's out before I can leave the flat or look through the spy hole, so he's not in the hallway, before taking the bin out. What's your suggestion?

'Marks response'

Haven't we all been in these situations before? Maybe not sleeping with your neighbour, but doing things we regret the next day; It's called embarrassment! I was in a similar situation once when I was renting a flat with a mate of mine, and it made me understand the old saying, you should never shit on your own doorstep!

I personally believe you shouldn't get too close to your neighbours, I mean you can be friends of course, but you should always try and keep a little distance between yourselves. Remember, you have to live there, and when something happens, you'll have to deal with it every day. In a situation like this, what you really need to do, is be an adult and try not to hide away from it.

We all don't like to use this word, but it's something we have to deal with on a daily basis; It's called consequences! and also being responsible for the consequences of your actions.

I'm sure he understands that maybe you're embarrassed by what happened and have been avoiding him and who knows, he may feel the same and has been trying to avoid you too?

Think about it; what do you expect to happen if you continue to do what you are doing? You'll come to two conclusions.

1. you'll have to live your life around trying to avoid this situation and to be honest, I feel it is mostly all in your head.

2. You move out and start fresh in a new place, all this because of the embarrassment of something you did. To me, it's like taking a plaster off; you need to do it quickly because the longer you keep picking at it, the worse the situation will get.