Questions for you to answer

I think humans will go on to succeed in so many more unimaginable Accomplishments, but consciousness will never be replicated. You are you and only you!

Who's the first to give up in a fight. Just imagine standing in line at the front of a battle and thenbyiu see the other side turn up....twice as big. You can be the first middle or last, last dies though

Past behaviour is the best prediction of future performance; until you know you have a choice

Everything in your past will write your future.

“You are young yet, my friend,” replied my host, “but the time will arrive when you will learn to judge for yourself what is going on in the world, without trusting the gossip of others. Believe nothing you hear and only one half that you see.

To know that one is alive is to realise this is a very short ride. Once you're conscious, you will understand and realise that you're nothing more than an intelligent atom (animal), that has learned to communicate with other atoms (animals). Once it's over, it's over. Your consciousness will end when the Electrochemistry turns off ( death)

If nothing is faster than light (a photon), then this would mean that the light is already there and is not moving, we as humans (a bunch of electrons spinning around protons, making atoms) disturb it. If you disturb the photons then it creates a shadow that then shows the elections.

Is it that the sun shines light, known as photons? Or is it that the sun creates photons known as light? What if the sun isn't shining light, but it's creating and spreading photons to open the darkness? Without photons, there would be no Atoms for them to repel. Nothing

If an alien species were to visit this earth they would treat us the same as we treat the rest of the thousands of animals on this planet. They would be so advanced than us that they wouldn't see a difference between us and an ant.

When! Elon Musk finally does get to Mars and terraforms it, and then says everyone on Earth has an opportunity, if they have enough money that is! to be able to go to Mars and maybe live and prosper in a new life of humanity. The question is who will then own Mars? who will own everything that has been sent to Mars and everything you use on Mars because everything would have been sent there by Elon Musk. Everything would be his property so does that mean Elon Musk owns Mars and then owns a planet and the air you would breathe?

Once you realise that everything you do in this world is a test, then you'll start looking at things differently.

Is all water in space frozen? If it's ever a liquid, maybe intelligent life could exist without Rockie Earth planets

We all live in a mirror- mirrored universe. Each one of us sees ourselves as opposite to the way everyone else sees us. My left isn't your left.

If we see the moon in the northern hemisphere different to the southern hemisphere (upside-down) Then does the sun rise also in the west as well as the east?

Did things get better or did cameras just get better

If you were travelling towards an object at the speed of light, would you then see the object evolve through time at the speed of light, as you travel towards it

Just as a DNA Cell has all the information to rebuild itself, does an atom hold the same information

What do most people do? Push or pull? on a door for instance

Could it be that particles sit on the wave and are not part of the wave? Could it be that dark matter is a wave and particles ride it? It's not that the particle travels at the speed of light, it's travelling at the speed of the wave.qal

We're so wasteful as a species, we throw away so much of our history. This is why we find very little of our ancestors and what we do find we don't understand.

Does the sun cast a shadow, or are we in its shadow

Would your body be preserved if you died in space

Is space hot

What animal has the best eyesight on earth? On land and in water.

Is it possible that we as humans are the first to become conscious and this is why we aren't hearing or seeing anything out there?

Can you tell what continent a human skeleton came from, just by looking at it? Or do all human skeletons look the same? If so, how come Asians, Africans and Europeans, look distinctive from each other when alive?