I would'd buy from them, if I was you. TruClothing.com review

by Mark
2 years ago

At Christmas, I tend to buy my own gifts. Not that I don't appreciate the gifts I get from the people around me, but if you really want something, it's more than likely you aren't going to get it from someone else. You know what I mean... You wanted that new watch, the one with the music and GPS navigation, and what do you end up with? One that barely tells the time and will sit in a drawer for the next few years.

So, as I say, I tend to treat myself at Christmas, and this Christmas, my treat was a sheepskin jacket. Not as bad as Del boys, out of Only Fools and Horses, but you get the idea. Now, I'm the kind of person who is a little like Del and when it comes to getting a good deal or buying something, I want to make sure that it's going to last and it's worth the money I paid for it.

So over the last few weeks, I wasted my spare time looking for the right jacket and style that I liked. In the evenings, I would sit there, pondering, if this is "the one" or do I keep looking? That is when I come across a company called TueClothing.com.

Nice looking website, not too much info on the jacket, so I call them and they at least answered the phone, so I know they're a UK company and not someone sat in China sorting through orders. So I put my concerns aside about the jacket not having much info and order it! The first problem I have is when it's supposed to turn up within 2 days and it turns up 4 days later. This wasn't too much of an issue, as I know we're all ordering our stuff online these days and contributing to making Jeffrey Preston Bezos the first 'trillionaire'! What was a problem though, is when it turned up, it looked like it had just been picked from the floor of a charity shop and repackaged for sale. I don't know how much you feel is a large amount of money for a jacket, but I paid £349.00 and being that I'm not a Jeff Bezos, £349.00 is not an amount I can wipe my arse with - unlike the jacket that I had sent to me!

I immediately put it back in its bag and returned it to the company, along with photos and an email of why I'm returning the jacket. I felt it only right that I point out, that a new jacket wouldn't turn up with the tag tied on with a wire cable tie and that the wear and tear marks over the jacket looked like someone had already worn it for a number of years. The return was quite simple and the company seemed to accept that this was an issue and they were happy to have it returned to them. Receiving this news, I asked if they could just replace it once they had received it back, as I really liked the fit and I was sure that it had been some kind of mix-up that would be sorted quickly. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. You see... when you drop off the item, you then have to rely on their online tracking service, to see where it is and when it's been accepted back. 10 days go by and you can understand that I'm now frustrated, as the tracking service is still showing it's in transit. After then trying to call the company and getting no answer - maybe the diversion to China didn't work this time - I emailed them asking where they thought the item may be. I get an email, telling me that I have to go back to the drop off point and look into it, as they are not responsible and they won't look into this matter until 30 days have passed from the drop off date! It's now 22 days and counting for them to do anything about this and in that time I've had to raise a complaint with my credit card company. My personal opinion and this is only mine, is that this is a scam and the company is trying their luck. They send out an item that isn't fit for purpose and see if someone is happy to accept the faulty good and look over the marks on the elbows or scratches on the back or if they get a return, they lose it in their tracking system and make it so hard for you to get your money back, that they end up having the money in their bank rather than yours.

In my opinion, don't put yourself in this situation and shop elsewhere. The less stress you have in your life, the longer you'll live.