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Pascal's wager. The belief in God

They say that bad news is good news.!

You got to be the best of what you got, to show the others, was to show the others what they've not. Do you know what this tells me, it tells me you have to be the fucking best at what you do and come shining through, to show the others that can't do, what you do.

When your misses says, I'm going to my friend's party. My first thoughts are (Babylon) opening scene. Then I met her friends and realise her idea of a party, is a gathering of a few friends and decaf tea. I miss the parties I went to.

Arguments, sleeping on the sofa and waiting for them to come and get you to come to bed

Flying into a city at night

Have you been eating shit

Being judged for not going to uni.

I think my misses thinks she's still in communist times. Why does she call me to tell me what she's buying

At the wedding, misses keeps saying when I meet new people, he's a really nice guy though! Am I ugly

Wickes delivery and review!

Boys Town, Thailand

I pissed myself! Is this why old people do it

The boy who run under a lorry and took the top of his head off

Girl with a hairy bum

Wales and living with the guys

When they show you a video of them playing with themselves, and they think you're actually into it

At what age would you let your child get their ears pierced