Mark's next topics to talk about

I think my misses thinks she's still in communist times. Why does she call me to tell me what she's buying

She's got bad teeth. Do you think she had a car accident and that's why her tooth is black? As that can happen when you damaged a tooth and they go black. Ok but what about the rest of the teeth then!

At the wedding, misses keeps saying when I meet new people, he's a really nice guy though! Am I ugly

Wickes delivery and review!

Boys town, Thailand

I pissed myself! Is this why old people do it

The boy who run under a lorry and took the top of his head off

Girl with hairy bum

Wales and living with the guys

When they show you a video of them playing with themselves, and they think you're actually into it

At what age would you let our child get their ears pierced