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supererogatory - obligational - Kant's law

The time you met someone more mental than you. Ginger- very good at judging the situation

The new religion - believing that Darwin and Wallace discovery is real. From where you are now and to where you can see infront and behind, it has to be a simulation! Time is not real as you know it, time happen's as you perceive it (like, likes and dislikes on your Internet profile, you'll start seeing things you like and dislike as you like/dislike them. What if time is created for a simulation to happen for an answer to a question that was asked by a supper computer, a unimaginable ONE (not GOD). Just imagine the magnitude it would take to create this! And what you would do if you actually knew. What would you do

I understand the complete complexity of life, to the individuality of an atom and its up and down quarks. But only when I was Hi - You want people to be intelligent, let them get Hi!

Roofer !

When I wasn't to happy, about the next door neighbour saying she heard me sing and then said; if you can call it that. Then I heard myself sing!

I'm only impressed by the things I can't do and others can

When mum starts saying AAAAAaaaa. They understand A, OK where's Bbbbbb

How many active volcanos are there around the world? And people still live around them. People are stupid

I think the more you are awake in real-time, the more you take on and feel in the game. Sleep allows you to rest from the game, but also keeps you away from the game. The more awake you are the more in the game of life you play. Everyone who plays wins, but you have to play.

The difference between now and then is that, then, no one knew what they were doing and now everyone does. Everyone is already trained for it.

The one unique thing when it comes to human beings is; All other highly intelligent beings, have a Hive mind. Humans have evolved and succeeded without this ability. This makes you very special

The only thing that scares me is Nature

Now I'm older and don't drink or take any mind-altering substances. I've come to understand that life is how you see it through your own eyes and how your mind's interpretation of the event plays out. As my intelligence has grown with time I realise my memories are not what I thought they were and how stupid I really was. I don't like being intelligent and I want to drink and do drugs again!

Recorded history is what will be available for time travel in the future

You don't lose your virginity at 4.3 million dollars. The Murdaugh Murders

The difference between towns and villages. America and England

The stop sign in America. Intelligence, as it actually says stop and people still Tbone

It's all about survival. We need to work together, so we all survive!

If a photon doesn't experience time, then this would mean that all were doing is disturbing the photons that already exist. The Double-slit test; the particle is disturbing the ripple in time!

If we don't detect the particles through the light would we see a wave? (Detect the particle in every form that we can)

would we see a wave, if we didn't look to see it? (How does a blind person's brain look compared to someone who can see)

In the future, your digital personality will be what people think of you. Everybody will have their own online presence

Life; is a story you tell everyone you meet. Make sure you tell a good story

Of all the things I've nearly done, I nearly met the Aga Khan, I nearly buzzed the southern piers with Avis in his death machine, I nearly traversed 'cross the desert on a camel with the Bedouin.

I nearly painted golden towers, I nearly practised the guitar for hours.

I nearly saw the purpose of a suffering soul, I nearly stormed the pitch and scored a goal.

I nearly entered my account on time.

I nearly was an honest man.

But of the things I've nearly done, When all that's nearly done is through, What's done, what isn't, when the bell has rung.

And there is nothing left to nearly do, If I can't grasp a late degree I'll ever say it was for lack of loving thee.

So let my heart be open and my way is true, And let me put aside the things I've nearly done, And bring me daily closer to the things that I do.

Jan Oort April 28th - 1900

William Herschel Nov 15th 1738 - 1822

Robert Hooke July 18th 1635 - 1703

Isaac Newton Dec 25th 1642 - 1726

Edmond Halley Nov 00 1656 - 1741

Giovanni Domenico Cassini June 8th 1625 - 1712

Galileo Galilei Feb 15th - 1564 - 1642

Giordano Bruno Feb 00 - 1548 - 1600

Nicolaus Copernicus Feb 19th - 1473 -1543

Ibn al-Haytham July 1st 965AD 1040

Lady, for so many years I thought I'd never find you

Great Idea for a book or film. Everything that happens is part of something that's been in motion long before you were born! Time travel to put things differently from how they were, but then different people fight to put the different timelines in motion. Turns out you're the different people from different timelines trying to put things back to the original timeline!

We all decay through time.

The decay of life is the passing of time. I thought this while looking at my dog slowly dying. I thought, he is passing through time at the same speed as me but he is obviously decaying faster! Everything looks the same until you notice a difference

Buster Douglas's motivational speech

There are very few people you meet in this world that you actually make a real connection with! People come and go in life but the ones you remember make the real difference in what you feel and think, it's just too bad that they have to leave for you to realise this

Guileful. having or showing sly or cunning intelligence. "a supremely guileful and deceptive politician"

Oh, mate this pint is fucking warm. Up north and having a pint of ale for the first time. I like larger, ice cold

Just thought of the next game show. Contestants have to listen to songs in front of an audience (home would be friends - with noise-cancelling technology headphones on, audiences in complete silence) The performance to the song they're listening to would be the performance of their lives (not everyone would know the song and they May not have ever heard of the song) Contestants will need to perform the song in any way they feel how, and give the performance of their lives!!! (No word miming)! Then the audience gets to see the performances played back to them with music. (maybe the audience has headphones on too) The better the performance the more you move on. Overall audience decision to score. Just a thought - The audience is in complete silence looking at this nutter, trying to perform a song they have no idea or maybe never heard of

Do the colours of the rainbow look the same to everyone

One of the best lyrics written. You could be happy, I won't know.

You look like the kind of person who would wank a dog off! F

You look like the kind of person who would finger a cat! F

Winners write history, right? So all the books we read are from the winning side of history and therefore everything we believe to be true.

It's your job to catch someone out in a lie. Kids catching dad.

Let me know if you find out who grassed you up. Oh, you'll know if I find out as you'll see it on the news son

I cleaned the floor! did you have your eyes closed while doing it?

Vicarious traumatization

Caught eyes with a girl in the coffee shop, we looked at each other for some time thinking of familiarity between us. It wasn't until I had left the shop that I remembered she was the nurse who put a suppository in my arse when I was in the hospital!

We're all in a Test! Regardless if some of us know this or not. We're all in a Test

Babe, words can't describe how beautiful you are... but numbers can.. 3-10

Q. Do photons hit our eyes in one direction? Is this why we can only move forward in time, not backwards? If we could see the photons from a different perspective then we may be able to see time fold as well as unfold.... this is a Question

Consumerism will consume us all


Q. What's the first thing we do when we hear a bump in the night or get scared? Shoot. That's why Aliens won't come here

Q. Would you like to have two of your partner... exactly the same!

F. You know ice isn't food, Magda!

F. Maybe it's because I keep touching his mum. Magda's dad hit me

Q. If Aliens came to Earth and wanted to communicate, what form would they take if they wanted to make us feel most comfortable? Not Human!

S “But there's something just as inevitable as death. And that's life. Think of the power of the universe — turning the Earth, growing the trees. That's the same power within you — if you'll only have the courage and the will to use it.”

Charlie Chaplin

S. Consumerism will consume us all!

S. Every second that passes is a chance to start again

S. POSH. Port Out, Starboard Home

S. No one looks up anymore

F. Me: you OK. Misses: yeah why

Me: you look like you've had a stroke.

Misses: you look like you've been stung by a bee" all over your body.

S. We don't all think the same, just as we don't all look the same

FS. Don't let this rape turn into murder!

S. Intelligence isn't about the mistakes we make, it's about understanding that you've made them and how not to make them again

S. No one gets out alive!

S. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

S. There's ignorance and then there's an acknowledgement of ignorance!

S. What we do in life echoes through eternity.

S. I've forgotten more than you know son.

S. We are all in a test, whether you know it or not, we are all in a test!

S. Some things never change but some things do!

S. The only way you can trust someone is to trust them.

S. Knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing!

It's not my way, it's the right way

At the end of the road, there's always a mirror.

I mean you no harm unless harm is meant.

We all make mistakes in this world, if you haven't then you haven't done much.

The heaviest someone can be, Is as much as someone is willing to carry? Can you carry your misses while running for a bus? Then she's too heavy. That's my sexual limit for how heavy my misses can be.

Q. Can you see different shades of light, while looking through a camera? Like the eye can see L.E.D and fluorescent and halogen.

People feeding their babies with their tits out in public

Hating your partner's ex and you've not even met them, you don't know them... why

Loud noise and bad neighbours

Woman who asks men out on a date

People who eat loudly or with their mouths open... talking loud.

Falling asleep while having sex

Shit myself in public, Fart in front of people

T. Boys town

T. Landlady getting in bed

T. Drink your own piss

T. Girl calls me daddy when her dad was outside

FT. Getting high on a flight from taking two diazepams and drinking. Stepped over to the person in the seat and then told misses that my dog was more obedient than she was

T.Dumplin girl

T. Kavos, has a bigger penis size than me

T. Gas chamber

T. Okeef locked out of the flat

T. Fight club

T. Lost ticket

T. Carry uphill

T. Lonely-alone two different things

T. Friend kissed the girl I'm seeing

T. My friends on FB look like they're having a better life than me

T. Homosexual- Gay

T. What's yours why? Why do you get up in the morning

T. Vetting

T. Commitment

T. Change

T. Compromise

T. Communication

T. Love

T. Trust

T. Openness

S. What will be will be

TS. Right time the right place

QT. What's your worst nightmare when being matched with someone

QT. The better looking you are the more you expect because you've been given so much. Better-looking people get more out of life than ugly people

T. If you don't lie, then when you say something you actually mean it. Don't worry if you don't get told I love you or the things you really want to hear. Because when they say it they really mean it

T. Thinking it isn't the same as the thought of it. You only think something when you've been asked it, the thought is from your own mind

S. Focus. Things not going well for me.. focus

T. My family don't like my partner

ST. Cosmology is the same as your ancestors standing on the edge of the shore, looking out across the ocean and wondering what's to be discovered just over the horizon

ST. Life is a magic trick, it's all a game to play and how you play it. The question is if a magic trick was played in front of you, would you be clever enough to ask how it was done.... or would you even know there was a magic trick at all.

S. Talent hits a target no one can hit, genius hits a target no one can see

T. You should make memories with someone in new places, not places you've been with other people. New places new memories

T. Can men be sexually harassed by a woman.... remember a cleaning job.

ST. You can just not listen to what someone has to say because you don't like them. Your feelings for the individual should have no shadow over the situation.

T. Disappointed in your children. If they're less intelligent than you

S. If I make a cake I would use the best ingredients to make that cake

ST. Holiday. Divorce. Single. Argument

T. Anniversary- not buying a gift but they do

QT. Does long-distance relationship work

QT. Can you tell a lot about someone, by the way their car is treated

T. I see my husband hit my son

T. My son is 30 and lived at home and doesn't work.

T. My son has thieved from his own house

T. I've not seen my partner since lockdown and when we met up for the first time she didn't even kiss me

T. I'm not sure if my boyfriend is seeing someone else. He doesn't call me or message me back for ages

T. Existing not living

T. Dog shits outside my house

FT. Walking through Bristol in a chequered suit looking like a c@#t

Q. Light; everything is countable with light, it's just so little that you don't see it. so time travel is realistically true

QT. Computers will take over the world when we've taught them enough to do it themselves. It used to be, that a computer was only as intelligent as the person that makes it. If a computer makes a computer then they don't need the Humans

T. Sun, round earth

T. Hygiene, polish pussy smell

ST. Only listen to people who have done what they're giving you advice on

T. Eating with noise... does my head in Misophonia

What's in a name, I don't even know your name let alone where you're from

Who's the pig?

Overpopulation. 2 billion no more. Positive not labour. We're a disease on the planet, just like cancer is to you

Travel back in time and you will breathe different air than now, Speak a different dialect than now and act differently than now

The weak are meat, the strong do eat

My life extends far beyond the limitations of me

Do pulsars pulse because of the tennis racket problem

My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops

Hearing, eyes, speaking

Advice from the right person

Could or would

What would be your theme tune to life

Speak at the speed of thought

Circumstances situation scenario

The reason I don't believe in the bible is if Jesus was the new coming, then why isn't there any woman making decisions in it.. 12 disciples (all men) If he was so good then why didn't he know that women, as well as men, are equal... the bible isn't. There's never been a female pope and how long did it take them to let women be priests

I thought I could read people until I got stoned. When stoned I then realised how normal people think

The harder you work the less you eat..that's why slim people are always the successful

People killing cats, you mean cats killing people; LT

Time belongs to God. Not man. But what is God

Her asking to put the oven on and then me asking to put the oven on

Life is structured and routine

A true AI wouldn't know it was an AI

Be asked because there's no one else who can do it but you, not that they just know you'll say yes. Be wanted not needed

The annoying thing your misses can do is walk in on you having a shit

You're known for what people remember about you, not for what you are

Sacked but still pretending to work

Asking a question from upstairs and then not hearing the response

Not everyone knows the sign for a train.. India

People who answer questions.


Sayings that do your head in. Don't worry - calm down - whatever

People who say words that don't reflect what they mean. Amazing is not amazing anymore

What's a mong to you

Sorry to tell you that he didn't make it. What do you mean he didn't make it, he wasn't in a race

Smashing wine in Aldi... pist as a fart

Can't solve a problem that you can't see

Dad, can you believe I used to wipe her pussy

Fritzleing, Irish Egypt

Wrapping presents

Wanking into a cup...........

Silence is acceptance

Not shaving your pussy

A man who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing

Visual is so much more than just voice. Listen to a beautiful lovely voice and hear a young boy or girl, 12, white, brown hair, white dress, barefoot, wannabee punk, and then you see a young black 20-year-old lesbian. Great voice through

Your feet smell

Have you ever been looked at by a dog so disappointed? Barney

Appropriation! Is the key to life

If you looked at the night sky and picked a spot, 10cm by 10cm. It would tell you something amazing and something that would take you forever to figure out. Look down on any city and take a 10cm by 10cm snapshot. It'll tell you the same.

Facts don't care about your feelings

What's your interpretation of funny

Wanking over euro trash, not coming because you think something better is coming along and then it ends

Speak it into existence

The only way out is to have less, need less, and want less, this will then stop more having to be made to please you

Life is based on the decisions you make throughout your life. You're Jude and jury

The way you see the world is a representation of who you are! Be nice and live in a nice world.

Touch is like a double-tap tap, saying hello

Hitting the wrong person

Wrong tent

Music, wrong person.YMCA

Comments questions concerns

Can your eyesight get better, the more hi you are? LSD, people report hallucinations, how about if they are not hallucinations, but are Beings, able to see in different forms of light? White, ultraviolet, blue-green, green... light reflects off of things in different shades.

Police dress like c@#ts. You dress to what you want other people to see you as. Police dress like they want to be seen as normal, but their normal isn't normal. Not in the places normal people go

Shitting while on the phone. Shit stinking, when getting interviewed

Externalong cost. How does it way up

The other night I said to the misses, do you want to watch Red Dwarf? She said no; so I said, you must be going asleep then

What goes around comes around.

Rapping: ugly people

Turner, light, mechanic, Sartain, plumbing, boiler failed, little light car, sale

I've always wanted to do twins. Jay

30 years in the past, to now, 30 years in the future, to now.. would they believe you

Vasectomy. How many people did it take to hold my penis, no masturbation, well the dog is going to be upset.

There's a message here that I want you to see, remember me

Your misses catching you eating food. Sneaking downstairs and trying not to be caught. Like in Branton close

What would you do if I cheated on you? I would kill your family as I know that would hurt you more than me killing you. But it depends if I want you or not. If I don't want you, then I wouldn't give a fuck

Up down left-right. 123456789 me you that's it When speaking to foreign people who don't speak your language

I mean you no harm unless harm is meant!

Ask yourself any questions, you don't already know the answer to. Then that's the life you live!

Haven't missed since covid. People shouting in your ear In a nightclub

Doors, if up with business cards

Phishing email... you've won a PlayStation 5 we've been trying to reach you. Delete, the next email you've won a car raffle, but you must pick it up today....we've been trying to reach you. I'm lucky, I've won two things, how lucky am I... must be an American it was written for.. stupid people

My name is Jeff....

The misses asked if I wanted a big family. I said if I had the money I would have ten kids.... Ten kids with 10 different women lol

Names that are at the start of the alphabet. Anna Ben Donna... dumb people, names at the end of the alphabet. Clever

Is my fanny tight, no, how do you know, because it's not that tight. Well, do you know what, I've had a bigger dick? Doesn't surprise me, why, because it ain't that tight

Window man... stays too long.. sorry it's a long one tonight

What season would you like to be in forever

Holding a grudge, 86.4000 seconds in a day

Work to drip ratio. The more you work yourself to the bone, the more of a drip you're in real life

Every era has its style. You look at a picture and you can 90% guess when it's from - time. I wonder what our era will look like. What will they look back at and see for our time?

Melksham, violent protest. Specsavers, what's woke.....

At the end of the road, there's always a mirror

In this busy life, we live these days life is very busy. You need to be able to have good hearing, to really listen to what's around you. That's why I listen to music with earphones, you hear the things you wouldn't normally hear, so listen up to life and hear what's going on around you. You'll hear what's really there

The only disability in life is a bad attitude

It's not my way it's the right way

Extra cheese. No, Wait, do you mean extra cheese, or as an extra do you want cheese yes or no? Yes, OK yes, please. Why would I want extra cheese on already cheese?

Chocolate every day. Ever affair or you're buying it yourself

When did we stop fingering girls

I think my dog is gay

Knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing

But you let the dog lick his arse hole and when I stick my hand on mine you don't like it

The only way you can trust somebody is to trust them. Earnest Hemmingway

There's more to dumping someone just because they got fat. So does that mean you'll give me a verbal warning then? Of course........ I already have you fat cow.

Some things never change, but some things do

That dress is horrible. Mark someone liked my dress. They must have done it as a dare then

If you don't know what to look for then you won't never see it

I've forgotten more than you know

Not killing the host, but taking them over. Human race

What we do in life, echoes through eternity

Americans have issues because they don't have boundaries, they don't put fencing up so they don't know where their borders end

You've not got the best-looking pussy

I supersede your expectations, whereas you don't mine

You're not the best-looking bird I've been with

You put salt in it and didn't tell me

Only anally though

It's a test.

She doesn't see the edited side of me.

How do you know if your mates are gay?

Buys you pants and has baths with you

Retracting memory's

I'm too fat how can you find this attractive, I don't that's why I don't fuck you... OK I'm joking, I don't fuck you because you're a miserable fucker

When do you go to bed, when mum goes to bed?

Just because you can't understand them, doesn't mean they can't understand you. Stop explaining everything!!!!!! Please

I'm trying


You do it because you enjoyed it or for money. Get rid of the money and you are left with doing something for enjoyment.

There's ignorance and then there's acknowledgement of ignorance

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Let me just tell you this, no one gets out alive.

It can only be what you remember. Or what someone can convince you it was!

Communication is the key.

You don't need to know how many you have, you just need to know Not to have that many

Intelligence is not making mistakes but understanding you've made them

Hero, stereo

Cheese and agriculture show. Turner

Holiday, two diazepam

There may be more Earth-like planets than grains of sand on all of the beaches on Earth

When you argue you speed up time, talking and atmosphere. Women are worse than in normal life our conversations are slow. This is why you need to edit shows for the TV. If you listened to a conversation in real time it's fuck8ng boring and slow

You look like a bee stung you

You grab her I'll f!@k her. When you're missing starts saying it

Everything has to be even. That's why we argue because we want it to be even between us. If you look carefully, life gives you options

I'd rather be a bad dancer than never dance at all

“If space is an illusion, there is only here. if time is an illusion, there is only now. Don’t you think that in the middle of here and now, we might run into each other occasionally?”