Can you forgive your boyfriend for kissing another guy

by Mark
1 year ago

The first night the pubs opened, I caught my boyfriend kissing another guy. Now I can’t stop obsessing about it and wondering what I should do.

I'm a 30-year-old man, but my partner is only 21. We were thrilled when our favorite pub, where we met, reopened and both of us drank lots. We were invited to a party afterwards and I got so drunk I fell asleep on a sofa. My last memory is my partner sitting on another guy’s lap.

The next morning a friend told me my boyfriend had made out with another guy. Later that guy texted my boyfriend an apology for taking advantage when he was drunk.

He has no memory of any of it and broke down in tears begging me to forgive him. He swears I am his only love.

'Marks response'

I don't know how everyone feels about these situations, but for me when you involve alcohol and an after-party, you're asking for trouble. I think the fact that both of you got so wasted that you can't remember exactly what happened, shows that you have a contribution to the situation and you may have to forgive this one.

It's not going to be a nice feeling, seeing your boyfriend kiss another person, but at least he is asking for forgiveness and not shrugging it off like he doesn't care. I'm not saying kissing isn't part of cheating, as I and many more people know that this is the start of a slippery slope. What I am saying is that if the kiss isn't continued and there's no desire to do it again, then I personally can't see why you would throw your relationship away over it. Next time, why don't one of you, and when I say one of you, I'm actually talking to you, seeing as you're 30 and your boyfriend has just got out of training paints at the age of 21. Try and keep a level head and then you can keep an eye on each other before it gets out of hand. I have been in many situations like this over the years and I wished I had someone to steer me in the right direction